Fast & Easy Digital Album Creation Tool  

DG Foto Art
 Fast & Easy Digital Album Creation Tool

We are in the age of Digital Revolution which has opened up many possibilities and options to redefine our strategies and the way we think. This phenomenon is also true when it comes to designing photo albums. So, why not get the digital advantage and come out of the same mundane looks of conventional photo albums?

Introducing Dg Foto Art… a Fast and Easy Digital Album Creation Tool, which helps you in creating designer albums for your premium customers who demand the world …its time you give it to them.

Dg Foto Art is complete and stand-alone software requiring no third party tools nor any artistic skills for creating exclusive album pages within minutes.

So if you are looking to capture the beauty of a wedding, the fun of a family vacation or any other occasion and to preserve these precious memories in a digital way, Dg Foto Art gives you incomparable tools - all guaranteed to help you produce exclusive and stylish album which will be cherished for a lifetime.

Dg Foto Art helps you increase productivity and make big profits because of its ease of operating and the numerous templates, decors and tools it comes bundled with.
Dg Foto Art is….
  • Fast & Easy to use
  • Stand-alone Software
  • More than 1000 ready-to-use Templates
  • Design your own Templates
  • Photo Enhancement & Editing Tools
  • Library of Borders, Masks, Clipart and Backgrounds
  • Slide Show Generator for Proofing
  • Smaller Project Size

To cater to the differing needs of Photographer Family, Dg Foto Art has launched a series of product versions and accessories. These are:

  • Dg Foto Art - Lite :
    This unique no frills solution has been specially created to enable Album Creation in minutes.
  • Dg Foto Art - Classic :
    Fast & Easy Album Creation tool with an array of tools for creating personalized digital pages.
  • Dg Foto Art - Gold :
    It is the most comprehensive solution for creating Digital Album pages, a Complete Album Creation Suite. Also on offer is Dg Foto Art – Gold (Client), a unique solution being offered to Gold users who wish to possess multiple copies.
  • Dg Foto Art - Dezigner :
    A high-end solution with advanced designing tools for Photographers to create Digital Albums, available from their Print Labs.
  • Dg Foto Art - Krafter:
    An economical no-frills solution for Photographers to create Digital Albums, available from their Print Labs.
  • Dg Foto Galleria :
    A supportive solution for all the above, Dg Foto Galleria is a collection of creative Templates for Dg Foto Art.

PXL Soft has now unveiled Dg Foto Galleria ... a creative templates collection for Dg Foto Art. This collection includes exclusive designs and decors like frames, masks, background and clipart to cater to different occasions of life, neatly organized under various categories that one can think of. By using these Dezigner templates you are guaranteed to produce exclusive and stylish digital albums to be cherished for a lifetime by your clients.


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